Bail Reform and the Poor: Why the Truth Might Surprise You

Behind the Paper with Brian Nairin There is “one fact” out there that public sector pretrial proponents don’t want anyone to know.  And that fact is that the poor don’t really languish away in jail because of the bail bond industry. Why don’t they want anyone to know? Because that one piece of information completely discredits the foundation of their argument against the private sector bail industry.  That one fact challenges the entirety of their false narrative that the commercial bail industry,  or “money bail” as they refer to it, keeps the poor in jail.  And that is extremely important since that false and misguided narrative has become the central mantra of the bail reform movement. Over the past couple months there have been several news articles published around the country with headlines like, “Advocates Push Bail Reform to Stop Penalizing People for Being Poor,” and “In Jail, Too Poor to Make Bail.”  While these news headlines create excitement and put the cross-hairs on a single protagonist (the bail industry) they are patently false.  If these headlines were to be true, then there would have to be two assumptions that everyone would need to believe.  First, that law enforcement is strategically going out … Continue reading Bail Reform and the Poor: Why the Truth Might Surprise You