New Mexico

In a move that borders gross judicial overreach, New Mexico Chief Justice Charles Daniels continues to legislate from the bench – even as offenders are laughing and dancing their way out of the court room (literally) after being released and FREE TO GO under NM Bail Reform.

Much like New Jersey’s judiciary, New Mexico Chief Justice Daniels has taken the issue into his own hands…handing down new guidelines that virtually eliminate accountable pretrial release. Instead, judges now use the Arnold Foundation’s questionable risk assessment tool to determine release decisions – and the consequences of these actions can be deadly.

These new rules and the “black box” algorithm are now releasing violent offenders with charges ranging from burglary, rape, assault, and attempted murder with ZERO accountability and ZERO bail…FREE TO GO on the taxpayers dime with the public now at risk.

Use the Action Center below or click on the link to demand from the legislators we restore accountability !

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