Who Is the American Bail Agent? #IAMBAIL

Who is the American Bail Agent?

Scattered across the country are small multi-generational family businesses…built on the foundation of our Constitution that protects us from excessive bail.

These small family businesses employ thousands of individuals – providing services to communities that revolve around criminal accountability and justice for victims. They are fathers, mothers, grandmothers and grandfathers, little league coaches, PTA members, faith leaders, and community activists.

On the job, they are protectors and defenders that bring balance to the criminal justice system by providing the accountable pretrial release of criminal defendants.

In recent years, the American Bail Agent has been under attack…demonized by “soft on crime” bail reformers who continue to destroy criminal accountability – making our communities less safe.

But who IS the Face of the American Bail Agent?  See for yourself in the first of a series of Faces of Bail


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